Layover in Cincinnati

We are currently sitting in the Cincinnati, Ohio airport (which is very nice and clean), while waiting for our flight to Toronto. Dawn survived her first plane trip, which was on a plane so small that the seats were split with two on one side of the aisle and one seat on the other. Peanuts, pretzels, and cookies were offered (yeah, they were free). I think the most exciting part about Cincinnati is that is has an almost complete lack of self-identity as a state; Dr. Ypma and I were walking past a gift shop emblazoned with numerous Kentucky shirts (a state neighbor to Ohio) and items riddled with horse jokes (“50 Shades of Hay” t-shirt available to any wanting buyers idling in the Cincinnati International Airport–available in the color of pink, and sports a female horse seductively holding a whip in her mouth. The image is as graphic as you imagine–no neighs about it.) Cincinnati is also extremely difficult to spell, especially for someone not use to regularly spelling it, which probably explains the lack of state capital t-shirts or seductive horse shirts.

Another troubling item while heading towards Canada, a different country–one of the group asked what state Cincinnati is in. Oh boy—but it will be okay!



–Allie Barrows

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