First Full Day!

What an amazing day! Our first full day here in Canada was full of visiting the theater and many different activities. One of my personal favorites was being able to take a warehouse tour of where all of the costumes and props are held for rental and/or use. There so many different costumes pieces and it was great to see the many different tags down the rows of costumes that listed the specific historical times in order to separate the costumes even further. It would be pretty awkward if you tried to do a play or musical with a specific time period and wore clothing of an entirely different historical time. Yikes! There were rows upon rows of costumes and many other rows filled with props listed by what kind of prop they were and their weight. My favorite piece had to be the severed head that we were shown and our tour guide also explained how it was created. All of us were very excited near the end of the tour when we got a few minutes to try on different costumes that the tour guide had set aside for us. We found plenty to choose from when it came to capes, hats, and even wedding dresses. All of us had a lot of fun and took as many pictures as we possibly could. This first full day here in Stratford completely exceeded my expectations and I can’t even begin to imagine what’s in store for us tomorrow or even the day after that! However, I do know that if we’re going to keep this busy throughout our time here then I definitely need to get some sleep. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

-Magoline Middleton

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