How to be a Canadian…Wait what?!?!

It is the second day in Canada!! YAAYYY!!! Today we had a busy day!! First, we woke up early in the morning which was no fun but we had a day full of events!  We ate breakfast at a yummy dinner and I had huge pancakes the size of my face!! After breakfast we went to the costume warehouse tour.  It was so cool to see the different costumes and props! It was such a huge warehouse with tons and tons of costumes!! We even got to try on some costumes which was tons of fun.  After that we went to look at the shops around town! This town is so cute and has tons of cool shops and little places to eat. We went into a book store and I bought a book called How To Be A Canadian which I feel like is going to be very interesting.  After lunch at the dinner again we went and saw King Lear! At first I was not sure if I was going to like it or not. I was super tired and was trying not to fall asleep but it was so loud that I started to really enjoy it.  After King Lear, we went to dinner at the hotel and I had a huge plate of Nachos that was the size of my head.  Then we got a text from Michelle saying we get to sit in the gutter of the stage on cushions!! I was so excited to sit there!! I have never seen A Midsummer Nights Dream so I was interested to see it especialy since someone said it was suppose to be more modern.  Once we got to the theatre we were escorted to a room where we got to meet some actors from the show and they told us where to sit and what to do! It was so cool seeing it in a different perspective from most of the audience members.  We even at the end got to dance for about 40 seconds on stage!! It was a great first full day today and I can’t wait for the adventures we have tomorrow and friday!

Layna Seibert

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