I was crazy for King Lear on a midsummer night! _shayna

Fingers crossed everyone-my first post never went through so let’s hope this one does! Can you imagine falling in love with a place in less than two days? Well, that’s what happened here in Stratford. The town is so exciting yet very quaint. The people we have met have been so kind and welcoming. So far we have been able to take advantage of a couple different restaurants, shops, tours, and of course the shows. The shows have all been very different from each other, but they all have been incredible. Crazy For You was a great way to begin our trip. It was such a high energy, feel good show that had the audience totally connected with the characters. I know we were feeling a bit sluggish since yesterday was a travel day, but seeing that show really kept us engaged and awake! Today we saw King Lear and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I wasn’t sure what to expect with King Lear, but I will say it blew anything I could have expected out of the water. It was such an intriguing play. The acting was superb, and really made me feel for the King. Finally, we were on our way to see the show I had been anxiously awaiting since it is my favorite Shakespeare play. An added bonus to this very modern interpretation was that we were able to take part in the show by sitting next to the stage as wedding guests. So far the trip has made me want to stay here forever because of such a great experience we are having. I’m looking forward to keeping the memories coming in the next few days!

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