Oh dear… _shayna

Yesterday was filled with plans as we began our day with brunch at a restaurant called Let Them Eat Cake. The breakfast food was fantastic and we then began our chocolate tour and shopping. We found some great little shops filled with items that we could purchase. It was so great to see how welcoming everyone was and willing to help. We had two shows that we saw so we had to be prepared for quite a bit of sitting. I had not seen Alice Through the Looking Glass or King John, so I was really excited to be able to get a chance to see both. Alice was more geared towards children so it had a lot more kid focused humor and it broke the fourth wall quite a bit. While I did not find this show to be one of my favorites, I thought the production was truly great. The costumes and set really brought you to where Alice was on her journey. In between the shows we were able to walk by the river which was absolutely beautiful. This was quite a funny experience because we found a little duck family which we decided represented ourselves because of a joke that began at the beginning of our trip. During this walk, we finally realized that we were starting to slip into accents which was found out when I said, “Oh dear.” This walk to the third theatre was quite an adventure. Finally we arrived at King John. This was one of the longest shows I think we were to watch. While I didn’t understand the show completely, I loved how the lighting was done for the show since they tried to focus on doing the show in candle light. I thought this was so neat. The costumes were also spectacular for this show. After this show, we returned to the hotel to prepare for our last day in Canada.

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