So long, farewell, to you my friends. Goodbye for now, until we meet again?…

It has been quite an eventful day….and week! I am exhausted but I can honestly say that I would be perfectly fine with staying just a little longer. I would absolutely love to be able to see all of the shows here at the festival. There are some show that haven’t even opened yet that I think look awesome. All of the show we have seen on this trip have been great. Some I didn’t like as much as others, but I really enjoyed having the opportunity to see all of these shows. I really enjoyed the last show, Man of La Mancha. I thought it was really good and I liked that we started and ended the trip with musicals. I also loved how much time we had here to walk around and shop. I really wish it would have been warmer outside so I could just sit outside. It really is quite beautiful here and I would have loved to just sit and look around. I have had so much fun here and learned a lot. I think this festival is an incredible thing and I love how important it is to the community. Everyone has something to say about it and everyone goes to the theater. That is an amazing thing. I think it would be an incredible opportunity to be part of the festival and I would love to come back sometime. Maybe I will. Go see a play!

Dawn Schmid

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