Thursday in Canada

In Canada Thursday we ate brunch at Let Them Eat Cake. I had a blueberry muffin the size of my head. After brunch we started our chocolate tour and then Holly and I went back to the hotel to change into our Theatre clothes. Then we met the group in front of the Avon Theatre where we saw Alice Through the Looking Glass. The show was very out there but overall enjoyable. I mean, some might find it childlike but if you think about it’s a story through a seven-year-old’s eyes. It was really cute and fun with the jelly beans and bubbles. I loved the costumes and style of the set. You can tell it was a different world when she went through the glass, which for me is the main thing that needed to be as realistic as possible. After the show I went back to the Parlour Hotel to take a little nap before dinner. After my nap I met my group at a sandwich place but we ended up leaving there and eating at Downie Street Burger. There we ordered burgers, fries, onion rings, and so on. We also ordered poutine for all of us to try. I’m not a big fan of gravy which Holly thought was crazy since I’m from the south. I ended up just eating the cheese and fries, which were good. After dinner we walked to the Tom Patterson Theatre to see King John. On the way we saw swans and ducks. The show is about King John fighting the French. My favorite character was probably Phillip the Bastard because he was funny with his comments. The show was very talky and his comments and some of the King’s helped with bringing the show along for me. The costumes were dead on for that time period and I loved the use of candle light for the show. It gave it a authentic feel and made it seem like we were seeing how Shakespeare might have put on his plays. Overall it was a good show. Friday we saw Man of La Mancha which was amazing as well. The actors were all very talented singers. In the last scene of the play I got goosebumps. They were that good. This trip has been amazing and I’m glad that I took the opportunity to go.
Paxton Cohoon

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