Wednesday in Canada

In Canada Wednesday we ate breakfast at Joe’s Diner before we went on our Costume Warehouse Tour. There we saw where they keep millions of various costumes, props, shoes, wigs, furniture, and so much more. Memorable pieces were a dress made for Tempest, a dress made for Cleopatra, a cloak and mask for Macbeth, Guinevere’s tent in Camelot, two trees used in Camelot, and a cutoff head used for portraying an actor’s head being cut off. After shopping around and getting our chocolate tour tickets in Stratford we went to the Festival Theatre to see King Lear at 2:00. The show was mainly about a King who goes insane and has three daughters, only one of which actually cares for him. Then throw in two brothers to a noble man, one legitimate and the other illegitimate. The one legitimate son who is forced to hide away from his father actually turns out to be the one who nurses his father and the illegitimate is a double crosser. Everyone ends up dying, and the part I still cringe over was when the father of the two sons gets his eyes cut out. Overall it was a good show. After dinner at the Parlour Hotel we went to the Festival Theatre again to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The best part about it is the seven of us students got to be a part of the show as wedding guests. We sat in the gutters on cushions and were on stage for a about two seconds. It was amazing! The show was a modern version of Shakespeare’s play where Lysander is a girl and Titania is a boy. It was also a play putting on play. The children who played the fairies and changeling were so adorable and talented. Overall it was also a good production as well, luckily no one noticed that I tripped getting up when I was pulled on stage for the dancing sequence.
Paxton Cohoon

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